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The one word our new members keep repeating is the "friendliness" of the people of our congregation. We invite you to explore the variety of programs reflected in these pages.
                    Take Time

During all the excitement and activities of this season, one hymn calls me to pause.  Inspired by I Peter 1:16, "Be ye holy; for I am holy" and Leviticus 11:44.  Take Time To Be Holy offers a powerful devotional message.

Each of the four stanzas begins with the invitation to “Take time to be holy” The first stanza begins with a request to speak often to God, "speak oft with thy Lord."  The invitation to holiness extends to care for "God’s children" and "those who are weak," echoing the twin commandments, Matthew 22:36-40, to love God and neighbor.

The second stanza encourages Christians to be alone with Jesus while "the world rushes on” Time with Jesus (studying the scriptures and prayer) are important in making one, "like him," and, as a result, others will witness this "likeness.”  In stanza three, Jesus becomes the "guide" that we follow and trust.  The final stanza suggests that when we "Take time to be holy," our souls become calm.  This calmness leads to Jesus' control in our lives. Control manifests itself in "fountains of love."  This love in turn prepares us for diving service, “fit for service above.”