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   The Meaning of the Season
                   By Pastor Deb Mitchell

The Meaning of the Season Easter or Resurrection Sunday is the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus the Christ from the dead.  Even before theologians explained the death of Jesus in terms of various atonement theories, the early church saw his resurrection as the central witness to a new act of God in history and the victory of God in vindicating Jesus as the Messiah.  This event marks the central faith confession of the early church and was the focal point for Christian worship, observed on the first
day of each week since the first century (Acts 20:7).

In the Christian church year, the two major cycles of seasons, Christmas and Easter,
are far more than a single day of observance.  Like Christmas, Easter itself is a period of time rather than just a day.  It is actually a seven-week season of the
church year called Eastertide ending with Pentecost Sunday.

These special days and seasons are a means to shape sacred time, a structure in
which to define what it means to be Christian and to call God's people to reverent and faithful response to God.  This season emphasizes that the church, as
empowered by the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, is the best witness to the resurrection
and the work of God in the world in Jesus the Christ.
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