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         Blessing of Gratitude
I love November, especially here in the United States!  Not just because I love all things pumpkin, particularly pumpkin pie; but rather all month I look forward to Thanksgiving Day.  By the end of November I am fully, full of thanks.  Gratitude begins with the polite “thank-you,” and from that, if you allow yourself to ponder gratitude can grow to enormous expressions of humility and love.  I like dedicating November to being full of thanks as it reminds me to pause and thank the teacher, my neighbors, my colleagues, the librarian, banker mail delivery person, volunteers to help and that unexpected uplifted smile that greets me during a busy day.
Growing in gratitude, being full to overflowing with thankfulness is perhaps one of the most wonderful gifts God has graced us with.  Cultivating gratitude is a worthier exercise.  Enjoy your blessing, be they few or many!