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A Time To Invent
Shared by Elder Don Worley

Art Fry was playing golf one day when a fellow 3M Company engineer, Spencer Silver, told him about his odd, under-performing adhesive that drew no interest in the company.  It just wasn’t very sticky.  3M’s leading product-Scotch tape-was very sticky. 

An idea came to Fry one Sunday in 1973.   As a church choir member, he would mark the day’s choral numbers by putting slips of papers in his songbook, but they often fell out, leaving him to scramble to find the next hymn.  During a long, dull sermon (not at Westminster!), he mused on Silver’s discovery. Back at 3M Company, Fry began to experiment with Silver’s weak adhesive, trying to make it cling to paper but not too much.  You guessed it!  That was the beginning of “Post-Its.” 

Who knows, but maybe your attendance at church will lead to your own invention.
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