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                    ON “BECOMING”

As is everything else, the Christian life is a process.  Philosophers might put it this way:  being is becoming, to be is to become.  The ancient Greeks spoke of the human inability to step into the same river twice:  since the river flows, one’s foot steps into a different part each time, i.e., it is not the same river.  Today’s quantum physicists have shown us that nothing is solid or unchangeable, that the world consists of the continuous movement of atoms and sub-atomic particles.  Everything is in process.

How unfortunate, then, when people get stuck at a point in their lives when they feel they have exhausted all their possibilities, when they look back in regret at what they have become (as if the process could stop) and cease looking for new ways to move ahead. 

In her book entitled The Gift of Years, Joan Chittister writes:

“The burden of regret is that, unless we come to understand the value of the choices we made in the past, we may fail to see the gifts they have brought us.

The blessing of regret is clear-it brings us, if we are willing to face it head on, to the point of being present to this new time of life in an entirely new way.  It urges us on to continue becoming.”

Jesus promised to bring us “abundant life.”  That promise keeps us moving forward.  It is God’s lure for us to become more than we now are.
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