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                       By Elder Lesley Pearson

Dear Jesus,

I am writing to thank you for the many lessons you taught our world.  Your influence on the lives of those who follow the teachings and the words you shared has provided sustenance for the heart, mind and soul.  For me, it is what you did when you modeled and how you showed us to share love that means the most to me.

I write in the past tense because it was what you did when you walked here on earth that set the stage for us, while we walk this earth.  Your lessons are a living testament that have created a ripple effect like the rings in a tree or the duplication of the lotus; layers built on layers, built on layers duplicating energy and never-ending through time.  Talk about “following the leader” geez…for me your leadership in love and the action of spreading love is foundational in my life.

In gratitude, Lesley
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