Adult Seminar

Sunday Mornings at 8:45am
How do we learn to live as people who follow the way of Jesus? Who are our examples both in past history and in the present? What does the Bible really say, and how are we to understand and interpret it? What are contemporary trends in theology, ethics and biblical scholarship? How do we address in a Christian way the important issues of our time, such as interpersonal relationships, other religions, the economy, and war? What kind of world do we want to leave our children, and how do we create such a world?

These are just a sampling of the questions we explore each Sunday morning in our adult education hour led by our pastor, Dr. Tony Wolfe. We call it an "adult forum" because people are encouraged to share their own experiences relative to the curricula we use, whether it be the Bible, DVD-based courses, or guest speakers on a variety of topics. We are blessed to have participants from the congregation who are widely traveled, engaged in a variety of professions, open to others' points of view, and genuinely encouraging of dialogue.

We are always looking for new horizons to explore, and new opportunities to learn with and from one another. All are welcome in this lively company of fellow travelers with Christ.

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Stephen Ministries

Stephen Ministers are persons in our church who have participated in weeks of training to provide love and understanding to individuals who are going through a difficult time in their lives.  Persons who undertake the Stephen Ministry training strive to be compassionate, full of faith and trustworthy and to keep Jesus at the center of their caring relationships.  If you are feeling alone, grief stricken or like you are the only person in the world who is suffering through a particularly difficult situation, one of our Stephen Ministers can be a sympathetic, supportive companion to you. 

To request a Stephen Minister or to obtain more information, please telephone JoAnn Landis at (619) 224-4985, or e-mail her at  You can request a specific person to work with you, or you can ask JoAnn for a recommendation of the Stephen minister to whom you can easily relate. 

The Stephen Ministers of our church are:
JoAnn Landis, Bob Landis, David Brauner, Clark Lampard, Becky Wieder, Paula Hodgkiss,  Jean Willson, Steve Allman, Betty Allman, Sheldon Sickler and Sandra Sickler