Other (Explain)
(The entire park is available for shared use)
Kitchen ($60)
Sanctuary ($400)*
Lobby ($60)*
Library ($60)*
Theatre ($150)*
Lighting Tech Fee ($50 per night)
Classroom ($60)
Theatre setup w/ tables & chairs for meals ($200)
Custodian, if avail ($50)
* (Requires Signed Use Agreement and $75 Cleaning Deposit)
Park Restroom (requires Signed Use Agreement & $25 Key Deposit)
Parking areas are not reserved, but please indicate your need:
Upper Lot
Lower Lot
Both Lots
Date of Intended Use:

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Phone Number:

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Type of Organization:

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Facilities and Fees:
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FEES:  For groups using the park, the fee is $2 per person (children and adults).  For groups over 50, fees will depend on the type and extent of use.    For Weddings, the fee for the use of the park or amphitheatre is $200 (see wedding ceremony material).

Buildings & Services:
Reservations must be obtained from the Church Secretary in writing for all Church and Non-Church groups and must be renewed annually for those groups using the facilities on a regular basis.

SESSION APPROVAL REQUIRED FOR       Non-church organizations using the buildings or the park (if over 50)
FREE USE - All Westminster Church organizations.

Fees are to be paid and agreement signed in advance of park use.  Only one Astro Jump is allowed.  Certificate of Liability required for Astro Jump and all vendors serving parties in the Park.
Groups are to clean up, remove trash and restore order.  Groups will be held responsible for any damage.
Restroom use is available upon acceptance of responsibility, completion of the Restroom Use Agreement and receipt of refundable deposit of $25.00.  Deposits refunded when key is returned.
Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed in any building or outside area.
Dogs are to be on a leash and under owners control at all times.  Pets are not allowed in buildings.

All areas must be left in order and clean.
No one is to be allowed in the light and sound booth without the approval of the Session Elder for Vanguard Theatre.
No modifications or attachments are to be made to any part of the building without the approval of the Property Management Elder

NOTE:  The Session of Westminster Presbyterian Church reserves the right to refuse requests for group use or to waive part or all of the stipulated fees under conditions deemed appropriate.  Requests for waiver of fees must be sent in writing to the Session of Westminster Church, which meets on the second Tuesday of each month except August.

I, ___________________________take responsibility for any damages and / or injuries that my group may cause on Westminster Church premises.  I understand that my group is using the park &/or buildings at its own risk and I and other members of the group will not hold Westminster liable for any injuries and damages which may occur.

Date____________________ Signature__________________________________
Westminster Presbyterian Church and Westminster Park

Facilities Use Agreement - Online Form
To start the process, please fill out the information below.  This information will be emailed to the church secretary.  However, we will need a signed copy of this on file.  Please also download this form, fill it out, sign & date it. Then mail/fax it to the church.  The address is listed on the form you download.
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