Presbyterian Urban Ministries (PUM)

Presbyterian Urban Ministries (PUM) has been an active mission of the San Diego Presbytery since 1968.   Dedicated to helping those in need with a focus on a hand up rather than just hand outs, PUM is an outreach with a  goal to bring stability by addressing physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  In addition to providing emergency food and clothing, PUM's case managers assess needs and assist with prescriptions, transportation, identification, tools, work attire, and pastoral care.  PUM is a portal to a network of many other service provider agencies, and is unique in its one-on-one, Christ-centered encounters.  Rev. Deb Mitchell is the director of this agency and Dr. Karen Anderson, Peggy Johnston, Jean Wilson and Jackie Peterson are volunteers.
Military Outreach Ministry

Founded during World War II and affectionately known as MOM, this ministry serves all local military branches: Army Reserve, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Navy. Its mission is to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of San Diego-based junior-enlisted (E5 and below) families, typically headed by parents between 18 and 23 years of age, surviving on $1500 gross/month while raising small children. These young families often struggle against debt while coping with the stress of deployment. All services are free of charge. Our park is the distribution center for bread and groceries to these families once a month.  Fred Gestra, Paula Hodgkiss, Joanne Thompson, Joyce Wakefield and Jerry Griffith are very involved in this ministry.
Reality Changers

Reality Changers' goal is to build first generation college students who follow God's word. The program uses one-on-one mentoring and faith in Christ to help minority teens who are struggling in school to dramatically change direction and continue on to a four year college.  Women of Westminster sponsor a fundraiser for Reality Changers each year and remain engaged with the students throughout the year.
Peninsula Shepherd Center

The Peninsula Shepherd Center is a coalition of local churches and civic organizations providing a support system so that older adults may live independently and self sufficiently in their homes for as long as possible, while providing opportunities to meet, learn, grow, socialize and serve.
Peace & Justice

This group convenes to dedicate time, talent and treasures toward fostering 'shalom'.  This banner duplicates one of the stained glass windows in our sanctuary (designed by Donna Kindig) and was a collaborative effort of Deb Hammond, Ardith Gestra, and Joanne Thompson.  It declares our community focus on peace.  
Interfaith Shelter Network

The Interfaith Shelter Network is a collaborative effort by local congregations, human services agencies and government entities to provide shelter, services, and resources to homeless San Diegans throughout the region. They represent the work of more than 100 San Diego County congregations and 3,500+ volunteers who link to offer hands up to people seeking an end to their homelessness. Jean Willson, Paula and Bill Hodgkiss, Joanne Thompson, and Sue Randerson cook evening dinners during the shelter season.